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When the unimaginable happens and a car accident occurs it can be terrifying and traumatic.  Even when a car accident is considered “minor” it can be devastating on the physical body and finances.  A car accident can also cause lasting emotional trauma that must be dealt with.  The physical injuries from a car accident can cause months, years, or even a lifetime of complications, treatments, and expenses. A car accident can change the course of the entire life of a survivor.

In the time following a car accident, recovery and moving forward are your main goals.  The overwhelming work involved in dealing with greedy insurance companies trying to evade paying for your injuries is not what you need to focus on.  John Barry Baker can help you navigate this every step of the journey.  He will use his 40 years of experience to fight for your rightful compensation, as well as justice and accountability for the emotional and physical injuries you have sustained.

Phone calls, documentation, paperwork, and general chaos often follow a car accident.  While you are healing from painful injuries, these things can easily become overwhelming and emotionally draining.  A car wreck is always unplanned and the physical and emotional damages take time and money during the healing process.  If another driver or motorist is the one at fault in your car accident, then you should not be left with the damages and financial burden caused by their mistakes and negligent choices.

Important steps following a car accident in Fayetteville Arkansas:

  • SAFETY – The first thing that should be prioritized in the event of any type of car accident whether big or small is safety.  Removing your vehicle and yourself from the flow of traffic is important, if your injuries allow you to do so safely.  A car accident which occurs in traffic can lead to other dangerous events. If you are physically able, and your car can be safely moved that should be done first after a car accident. Once this is done (if possible) then the appropriate authorities should be called and any injuries that occurred in the car accident should be addressed.
  • INFORMATION – Once safety concerns have been addressed, and any emergency physical injuries have been attended to, then if possible, the next thing that should happen after a car accident is gathering information.  If you are able to obtain it, the name, address, and telephone number of the responsible party should be recorded for your personal records, as well as the other motorists license plate number, driver’s license number and insurance information should also be retrieved.  While it is certainly possible to get this information later in the process, getting it from the other motorist right after the car accident occurs simplifies the later process of dealing with the paperwork and accident details.
  • POLICE REPORT – All Arkansas drivers are required to have a minimum of liability insurance coverage on all of their vehicles.  If a claim is to be made with the at-fault motorist’s insurance or your even your own insurance, a detailed police report, that includes all the information about the car accident will be useful and often necessary.  If a car accident results in damages to property (including the vehicles involved) of $1,000.00 or more the law requires that the police be called, and the accident reported.  If anyone is injured or killed in a car accident the law also requires that the police be called, and the car accident is reported.  Whether these scenarios are involved or not, a police report will detail the time, location, and useful details of the car accident.

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